AMPAC 2022 Michigan’s Primary Elections:

[Dearborn, Michigan Thursday, July 21, 2022]: The American Arab and Muslim Political Action Committee (AMPAC) is pleased to announce its endorsements for the Tuesday, August 2, 2022, primary elections across the State of Michigan. AMPAC’s endorsements are limited to the primary elections only. 

AMPAC made its decisions after an interview process as well as deliberations regarding each candidate.  AMPAC’s decision is primarily based on each candidate’s qualifications, credentials, experience, record, and their stances on issues of interest and concern to the greater community. 

AMPAC’s endorsement process is transparent and thorough. Serving the public with integrity and respect is one great value in AMPAC’s assessment. AMPAC only reviews and endorses candidates who submit a formal request seeking endorsement

AMPAC urges citizens to vote for its endorsed candidates. Citizens can vote early from now until August 2, 2022, via mail or in person at each city’s clerk’s office.

AMPAC wishes all its endorsee’s success. AMPAC looks forward to working with all in the future.

Governor, State of Michigan:   Gretchen Whitmer

Lieutenant Governor, State of Michigan: Garlin Gilchrist II

Secretary of State: Jocelyn Benson

Attorney General Dana Nessel

Mayor: Gina Steward, River Rouge 

US Congress: 

  1. Debbie Dingell, 6Th Congressional District –Ann Arbor 
  2. Huwaida Arraf, 10th Congressional District –Macomb County 
  3. Andy Levin, 11th Congressional District- Oakland County
  4. Rashida Tlaib, 12th Congressional District-Dearborn
  5. Sherry J. Gay-Dagnogo, 13th Congressional District-Detroit, Dearborn 

Michigan State House of Representatives: 

  1. Abraham Aiyash, District #9 
  2. Kevin Coleman, District #25 
  3. Karen Whitsett, District #4
  4. Reggie Miller, District #31
  5. Helena Scott, District #7
  6. Khalil Othman, District #3
  7. Brenda Carter, District #53
  8. Lily Cheng-District #80
  9. Tyrone Carter, District #1
  10. Erin Byrnes District #15
  11.  Alex Garza, District #29
  12.  Shadia Martini, District #54
  13. Aisha Farooqi District #57
  14. Maurice Imhoff, District #46

Michigan State Senate:

  1. Sylvia Santana, District #2
  2. Mary Cavanagh, District #6

Wayne County Sheriff: Raphael Washington

Wayne County Commissioner: Sam Baydoun, District #13

Macomb County Commissioner: Khaja S. Ahmed, District #12

State of Michigan Supreme Court Judges:

  1. Hon. Richard Bernstein 
  2. Kyra Harris Bolden

Michigan Court of Appeals

Sima Patel-Michigan Court of Appeals