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AMPAC endorses candidates for November 2021 General Elections

The American Arab and Muslim Political Action Committee (AMPAC) 2021 General Elections:

[Dearborn, Michigan October 6, 2021]: The American Arab and Muslim Political Action Committee (AMPAC) is pleased to announce its endorsements for the November 2, 2021 general elections across the State of Michigan.

AMPAC made its decisions after an interview process as well as deliberations regarding each candidate.  AMPAC’s decision is primarily based on each candidate’s qualifications, credentials, experience, record and their stances on issues of interest and concern to the greater community. In a democracy, it is important that the political process addresses the needs and concerns of all segments of society.

AMPAC’s endorsement process is transparent and thorough. Serving the public with integrity and respect is one great value in AMPAC’s assessment. AMPAC only reviews and endorses candidates who submit a formal request seeking endorsement

AMPAC urges citizens to vote for its endorsed candidates. Citizens can vote early from now until November 2nd via mail or in person at each city’s clerk’s office.

APAC reminds every one of the reality of COVID-19 and urges everyone to comply with all health precautions and instructions. AMPAC will continue its efforts to encourage citizens to register to vote as well as to urge all to vote on or before Tuesday November 2, 2021. 

We have seen a high number of candidates who have the courage to rise up, with eagerness, dedication, and commitment to public service.  AMPAC wishes all of its endorsees success. AMPAC looks forward to working with all in the future.

AMPAC General Elections Endorsees: (Names are not listed in any particular order)

City of Dearborn Mayor (1 Seat)

Abdullah Hammoud

Dearborn City Council (7 Seats)

1-    Mike Sareini

2-    Sam Luqman

3-    Saeid Alawathi

4-    Khalil Othman

5-    Mustapha Hammoud

6-    Khodr Farhat

7-    Kamal Alsawafy

City of Dearborn Charter Commission (9 Seats):

1-    Mansour Sharha

2-    Hassan F. Abdallah

3-    Jamil Khuja

4-    Albert Abbas

5-    Hussein Hachem

6-    Sam Hamade

7-    Kimberly Ismail

8-    Elizabeth Bailey

9-    Richard AlAziz

City of Hamtramck Mayor (1 Seat)

Amer Ghalib

Hamtramck City Council

Amanda Jaczkowski

Khalil Refai

City of Taylor Mayor (1 Seat)

Alex Garza

City of Westland Mayor (1 Seat)

Tasha Green

City of Dearborn Heights Council (4 Seats)

Robert Constan

Hassan Ahmad

City of Dearborn Heights Treasurer (1 Seat)

Lisa Hicks-Clayton

Detroit City Council:

Fred Durhal   (District 7)

For More information please contact AMPAC office via email at

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