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AMPAC 2021 Primary Elections Endorsees


AMPAC 2021 Primary Elections Endorsees

 [Dearborn, Michigan June 7, 2021]: The American Arab and Muslim Political Action Committee (AMPAC) is pleased to announce its endorsement list for the August, 3rd, 2021 primary elections in Deaborn, Dearborn Heights, Westland, Taylor, Detroit, Hamtramck and across the state of Michigan.

AMPAC made its decisions after an interview process as well as deliberations regarding each candidate.  AMPAC’s decision is primarily based on each candidate’s qualifications, credentials, experience, record and their stances on issues of interest and concern to the Arab and Muslim community.

AMPAC’s only reviews and endorses candidates who submit a formal request seeking its endorsement.

AMPAC urges voters to vote for its endorsed candidates. Voters can vote early via mail or in person as of June 21 to August 3rd, 2021, Elections Day.  

The primary election is important and every vote counts as it will determines who runs in November. The impact of this year’s upcoming primary election should not be underestimated. Primaries determine who runs in the General elections- a first cut in the process.

AMPAC August 3, 2021 Primary Elections Endorsees (listed in no particular order)

City of Dearborn 

Susan Dabaja, Mayor

City of Dearborn Council Race:

Kamal Kadri, Dearborn City Council

Khalil Othman, City Council

Khodr Farhat, City Council

Leslie Herrick, City council

Mike Sareini, City Council

Said Alawathi, City Council

Samra Luqman, City Council

City of Westland:

Tasha Green, Mayor

Candi Halton, City council

City of Taylor:

Alex Garcia, Mayor

City of Detroit Council Race:

Frederick Durhal, City Council D-7

City of Hamtramck (partial list)

Amanda Jackowski Hamtramck City Council

City of Dearborn Heights

Lisa Hicks, Dearborn Heights Treasurer

Stay tuned for future AMPAC releases.  Email AMPAC at for more information.


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