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AMPAC and Community Hold Meetings with Lawmakers over War in Yemen

[Michigan, May 14, 2021]: The Arab and Muslim American Political Action Committee (AMPAC) in Michigan held a number of virtual discussions with American lawmakers to convey its concerns over the conflict in Yemen. These discussions are part of ongoing meetings and discussions that AMPAC organized and facilitated with elected officials to advocate for a sustained US involvement that would bring an end the humanitarian crisis in Yemen.  While humanitarian aid is needed and is vital, it is not the solution.  Ending the war requires the political will to end it.

On May 6, 2021,  AMPAC met with US Senator Gary Peters office regarding the ongoing war and the exceptional humanitarian crisis in Yemen.  

On March 13, 2021,  AMPAC met with Congresswoman Debbie Dingell. AMPAC members and community leaders requested that the Biden Administration accelerate its efforts to induce the overdue process of ending the war, lifting the siege, providing immediate humanitarian aid, supporting dialogue between all warring parties in Yemen to bring peace and unity to Yemen. 

AMPAC recognizes that the war in Yemen is not just a Yemeni conflict. It is also a regional conflict. Only a sustained international involvement will bring an end to the war. 

AMPAC and community leaders urged US Senator Peters and Congresswoman Dingell to lead the efforts and help advance this community- government engagement at all levels. AMPAC continues to call on all members of the US Congress and the Biden Administration to act to help save lives in Yemen.  

AMPAC acknowledges the complexity of the conflict in Yemen. Immediate measures are needed to help ameliorate the suffering. Therefore, AMPAC: 

  1. Demands that the Biden Administration pursue aggressive efforts to induce an immediate temporary cease-fire in Yemen.   
  2. Welcomes the Biden administration’s decision to increase the number of refugees anticipated to enter the USA to 63,000. AMPAC hopes that will include Yemeni nationals.  
  3. Demands that the Biden Administration designate and recognize all Yemeni nationals in limbo in neighboring countries as refugees just like the displaced of Syria, Iraq and others are treated.  
  4. Demands establishing a special consular affairs unit to handle and process the pending petitions for Yemeni Americans given the fact that the US Embassy in Yemen is closed. AMPAC understands the Covid-19 restrictions and their impact on consular functions. However, AMPAC requests that the Biden Administration, the Congress and the US State Department to be pro-active by addressing this serious matter of concern to Yemenis waiting for family reunification.  

AMPAC expresses its appreciation to both US Senator Gary Peters and Congresswoman Debbie Dingell for their leadership in engaging in this constructive dialogue that is essential and is crucial to continue at all levels. 

“AMPAC will continue its diligent work regarding the crisis in Yemen and other countries in the region,” said Abdallah Sheikh, President of AMPAC. “We call upon the Biden’s administration to step up to the challenge in Yemen and help end this dire and ongoing humanitarian crisis in Yemen,” added Sheikh. “ 

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