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Dearborn One City for all, AMPAC Urges Active Engagement

Even though the general election is over, the work is just the beginning for a new Dearborn and for Mayor-Elect Hammoud.  It is time is to unite and move forward serving the City of Dearborn.

The American Arab & Muslim Political Action Committee (AMPAC) calls upon all citizens of the City of Dearborn to actively engage in the city’s affairs as it is transiting towards a new administration and a new era. 

In light of Mayor-Elect Abdullah Hammoud’s announcement of his transitional team and a website designated to keep citizens informed of all issues related to the city and its future, including job vacancies across all the city.  Visit www.dearborntransition.comfor more information and details. AMPAC encourage all to sign up for updates, read news updates and find any jobs that may be posted.  

Once jobs are posted for the new administration, we encourage all qualified candidates to apply.  Qualifications are based on many factors such as credentials, education and training.

AMPAC will continue its diligent work and active engagement with the new administration and the community at large, serving the best interests of all the city’s residents. We are proud of the multicultural makeup of Dearborn and the rich diversity it represent. 

“It’s important that residents keep their active engagement with the City and its leadership” said Abdallah Sheik, AMPAC President. “It’s all about our common future as one community” continued Mr. Sheik.

For more information and to contact AMPAC email:

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