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AMPAC Endorses Ten Candidates in Michigan

AMPAC Unity Slate

July 27, 2018
Dearborn, MI

After considerable deliberations, AMPAC has decided to Endorse Ten Candidates in Michigan

AMPAC announced the endorsements of ten candidates in key state and local races in Michigan. The candidates are as follows:

Abdul El-Sayed for State Governor
Debbie Stabenow for US Senate
Debbie Dingell for US Congress 12thDistrict
Rashida Tlaib for US Congress 13thDistrict
Fayrouz Saad for US Congress 11thDistrict
Gary Woronchak for State Senator 3rdDistrict
Abdallah Hammoud for State Representative 15thDistrict
Sam Baydoun for Wayne County Commissioner 13thDistrict
Isaac Robinson for State Representative 4thDistrict
Abraham Aiyash for State Senate District 2

Abdallah Sheik, President of AMPAC, commented, “We are proud to endorse these highly-qualified candidates who believe in inclusive Michigan. This remarkable diverse group will continue their work to promote prosperity, uphold civil rights, and serve Muslim Americans and all other Michiganders. We appeal to our community to vote extensively on the August 7 primary election.”

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