AMPAC celebrates its endorsed candidates in 4th Annual Gala

Akram Ali – The American Arab & Muslim Political Action Committee (AMPAC) host its 4th Annual Gala celebration at Greenfield Manor today. This is gala serve to announce the year’s AMPAC endorsement selection and introduce candidates to the community as well as an emphasis on the importance of civic engagement to mobilize the community to become more politically engaged. There were many attendees participating in this event.

The AMPAC serves as the community’s effective voice and as the distinguishable structure accountable to advance, educate, integrate, and advocate the American Arab and Muslim communities’ interests through empowering and mobilizing at the grassroots across all domains of political, social, and economic actions, including civil and human rights.” I am not a political man, but the political effect on our daily lives. The water we drink effect by political, the air we breathe also effect by political, and everything in life’s effect by political. We all need to come together and going to vote” Abdullah Sheik said, the president of AMPAC.

The AMPAC efforts to organize American Muslim Community in Dearborn to increase the number of voters in Dearborn and other cities.Also, AMPAC announced endorsements for many highly-qualified Democratic Candidates running for state and local races in Michigan among these candidates were, Aman Fidam for Dearborn School Board, Adel Mozip for Dearborn School Board and the other 4 candidates running for Dearborn Board School,John John C. Cahalan for Wayne County Circuit judge and Abdullah H Hammoud for Michigan State Representative.

  Watch clips from the 4th annual gala:

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