AMPAC held a successful unity dinner celebrating elected officials | January 23rd, 2018: The AMPAC’s unity dinner reception guests included mayor Jack O’Reily of Dearborn, Mayor Bill Wild of Westland, Gary Wornchalk , Chairman of Wayne County Commission, Brenda Jones, president of city of Detroit City Council, Suzane Dabaja, president of Dearborn city council, councilman David Bazzi, Councilman, Mike Sareini, councilwoman Leslie Hirks, Cathy Garret, WC Clerk, George Darany, city of Dearborn clerk, Eric Sabree, WC Treasure, Chief Judge S. Salamey, Chief Judge David Turfe, Judge Adel Harb, judge Charlene Elder, State Rep. Abdallah Hammoud, State Rep. Rose Mary Robinson, State Rep. Jewell Jones, State Rep. Santana and State Rep. Sherry Gay-Dagnogo, Hussein Berry, Dearborn’s Board of Education and Chief Robert Dunlap of WCSD. Elected officials delivered remarks expressing appreciation to AMPAC work during the elections and the importance of such work. Dr. Abdallah El Sayed, Candidate for the state of Michigan governor delivered special remarks during this event. Abdallah Sheik, president of AMPAC congratulated all elected officials who won the voters’ confidence and commanded the hard work invested during this democratic process. He saluted the candidates who did not win and thanked them for stepping up to the challenge and showed passion to be part of the public service posts. Mr. Sheik stressed the importance of unity and focus on the future crucial mode-term elections this year. He urged to be proactive and join hands to help be part of the much-needed change in America this upcoming election. He expressed his heartfelt appreciation to all AMPAC volunteers and embers, friends and supporters for being the driving force behind such success.

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