AMPAC congratulates all winners of the 2017 general elections, urges putting the campaigns behind us

November, 8th, 2017 (Dearborn, Michigan): The American Arab & Muslim Political Action Committee (AMPAC) extends its sincere congratulations to candidates who won in the general elections this year across the US, the State of Michigan and particularly in the city of Dearborn.

AMPAC salutes all those who exerted efforts in this election season. Regardless of the differences and disagreements of the election, we believe it is time to move forward in serving the public good. AMPAC congratulates all the winners including Mayor J. O’Reilly’ of Dearborn, Mayor Mike Duggan of Detroit, Mayor Dan Paletko of Dearborn Heights and Mayor Karen Majewski of Hamtramck.  AMPAC hopes that all elected officials who won people’s confidence and vote to live up to their pledges to advance people’s interests.

AMPAC thanks all the voters who exercised their precious civic duty and voted. AMPAC appreciates the voters who voted to its endorsed candidates who won this election including, , Susan A. Dabaja, President of Dearborn’s city council, Council Member Michael T. Sareini, Councilman David Bazzi, Councilwoman Erin Byrnes, Councilwoman Leslie Herrick.

 In every election, we are reminded with the bitter fact that turnout continues to be low. Thousands of registered voters did not vote in local elections when local elections truly are elections where every vote matters. AMPAC urges all voters to spend the little time and energy needed to vote during the elections. Democracy is not a spectator vote.

AMPAC commends all of its volunteers, especially the young generation, who worked the campaigns and the polling stations. These young volunteers showcased America and its rich diversity at best. Despite the different views about the different candidates, these volunteers sustained a positive spirit and each did their part professionally respecting the voters as well as respecting the candidates they represented. AMPAC believes that these young volunteers help us sustain our confidence in the future. AMPAC invites anyone who wants to volunteer with us to do so. Please visit AMPAC website at to join and for more information.

 AMPAC commends all the candidates who ran for office, those who won and those who did not.  The highest form of political participation is running for office and it takes a lot of courage and energy to do so. We believe that most people run for office out of genuine concerns and true desire to serve and we thank them for their efforts and sacrifices. As to the winners of this election we congratulate them and remind them that voters will be holding them accountable for what they do in office come next election.

AMPAC calls upon all citizens to be future minded and focus on what is best for our country, our state and our cities. This election cycle is over. We believe it is time for all for us to work together in improving our country, our state and our cities.

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