Elections Day! Go out and vote!

Today is going to be a wonderful day! It will because we will be choosing our next Mayor, 7 City Council members and City Clerk.
To all the candidates, we cannot be more appreciative and impressed of the energy, hard work and dedication we all put forth to our campaign and city. To Mr. Tom Tafelski and Mayor O’Reilly, we wish you the best today and although you both have different visions for our city, you have given our city the unprecedented motivation to go out today, advocate for what they believe is right and practice their democratic right to vote and make a difference. I urge all voters to go out and vote today! You will be making history today with your votes no matter who wins!!
City Council and City Clerk candidates: all of you have been positive and ran very clean campaigns and we would be proud to have any of us represent our city because we have the right good intentions to serve our city.

Good luck to all today! To all the volunteers and supporters out there: Be warm and safe!

Keeping it positive for Dearborn!

“Building Our Future Together united engaged active community ”
Coming together is the beginning!
Working together is progress!
Staying  together is real success!

The ultimate goal!:
1- Unity of the Community !
2 – Turn Out the Vote !
3- Mobilizing! Engagement! Involving is 24/7 365!

Our endorsements!

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