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AMPAC endorses candidates for the primary


July, 31 2017

Dearborn, MI: The American Muslim Political Action Committee has announced that the organization is endorsing a number of candidates for the City of Dearborn during this year’s Aug. 8-2017 primary election.

“This is the first time ever in the history of our Great City of Dearborn elections, with five candidates running for the mayoral election, another five candidates are running for city clerk office and sixteen candidates running for city council office,” said the board in the July 30 press release. “We have seen a high number of candidates who have the courage to rise up, with eagerness, dedication, and commitment to public service. These candidates have shown that they are civically engaged with all community members based on common collective active realistic, practical vision for a better and brighter future of our great City of Dearborn.”

The Committee is endorsing the following candidates:



John B. O’Reilly

City Clerk

Nofila Haidar

City Council

Nada Al-Hanooti

Ziad Abdulmalik

Susan Dabaja

Sean Green

Ken Paris.

Erin Byrnes

Michael Sareini

The decision to endorse the above candidates was based on intensive assessment and evaluation and the analysis of the mayoral, city clerk and city council candidates by the AMPAC board.


“This decision is based on solid principles of unity, diversity, and equality to all citizens of our great city of Dearborn and each candidates ability to serve the Common Good and the best interests of the community,” said the board. “What’s ahead of us is bigger than all of us. What unites us is more than what divides us. Ignorance, arrogance and prejudice cannot help us move forward.”


About the American Muslim Political Action Committee


The mission of the American Muslim Political Action Committee (AMPAC) is to stimulate an active interest in Muslim Americans relating to Political and Governmental affairs to facilitate Muslim American participation in the United States of America, to promote the ideas and principles of the Political Party, and to encourage and seek Muslim American candidates for public office and explain positions of other political candidates to Muslim American voters. AMPAC also works with the Muslim American Communities to bring their issues to the state and national political attention. To learn more about the organization, please visit To contact the organization, please visit this page to contact us.

AMPAC 2017 Primary Endorsement المرشحين المدعومين من آمباك للإنتخابات التمهيدية في 8 اغسطس 2017

Click here for a PDF of the official Press Release.

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