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Our endorsements for Dearborn General 2017

After lengthy and intense debate and exchange of opinions, and members speaking their mind, heart, and conscious in recognizing where our community is and where it dreams to be, AMPAC concluded that our community is in dire need of change. For the past decade, our city has endured many challenges, yet the community has stood strong and gave Dearborn all they got. The loyalty of the residents of Dearborn is seldomly matched. We are proud to say that Dearborn values family and unity, but as a family, it needs to grow and prosper. In conclusion  AMPAC believes that Dearborn needs new fresh ideas and leadership so that small business may thrive rather than be curtailed.
We have endorsed Tom Tafelski for Mayor because he will bring meaningfull change that is desperately needed. In our opinion enthusiasm and hope can only happen with drastic change and the will to take a chance and to make the tough choice.
We congratulate all of our candidates for a hard run campaign. We saw that in the primaries, and felt the passion of the candidates during our interviews, but in the end, after careful thoughts and consideration our community and the future of our children must come first.
We are also excited to announce the endorsement the following candidates for the city Council.

Susan Dabaja
Michael Sareini
Nada Al-Hanooti
Ramez Haider
David Bazzy
Erin Byres
Leslie Herrick
We also endorse for city clerk
Nofila Haider
The decision to endorse the above candidates was based on intensive assessment and evaluation and the analysis of the mayoral, city clerk, and city council candidates by the AMPAC board.
Mr. Tafelski has committed to make his administration accessible and is devoted to having senior personal in his administration that reflects the population of Dearborn.
We thank all the candidates for giving us the opportunity to sit and talk with them. We wish well those we did not endorse and we hope to work with them for many years to come. We hope the candidates we endorsed will live up to the responsibility of public service and recognize the greatness and generosity of our citizens and lead us and our children in unity, love, honesty, and hard work. Finally, we call upon all our citizens to exercise the right to vote on November the seventh. We call all of our members, friends and allies, to endorse and vote our slate and stand with us , to create a new beginning and a history to be remembered.

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