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AMPAC Congratulates President-Elect Biden and all other winners of 2020 Elections

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AMPAC Congratulates President-Elect Biden and all other winners of 2020 Elections: 

[Monday, November 9, 2020]: The American Arab and Muslim Political Action Committee (AMPAC) congratulates President-Elect Joe Biden for being elected as the 46th United States President. The election of Biden-Harris ticket will mark a new chapter in American history. AMPAC endorsed the Biden-Harris bid for presidency this election cycle. 

In addition, AMPAC congratulates all candidates who won this year’s elections on the local and state level in Michigan and others across the nation. AMPAC take pride that the vast majority of its endorsed candidates won. 

AMPAC commends all candidates who ran, those who won and those who did not. Running for office is the highest form of political engagement and requires many sacrifices. Covid-19 has made this year an exceptional year. It has affected all aspects of life and had a big effect on the elections. We salute all who worked hard to run the electoral process during these exceptional times. 

AMPAC salutes all the voters, those who voted early and those who voted on November third. AMPAC salutes all poll workers and volunteers, especially our AMPAC volunteers. 

 AMPAC calls upon President-Elect Biden to live up to the campaign promises and commitments, including lifting the Muslim ban and advancing inclusion and diversity in all federal government agencies.  

Michigan was pivotal to this year’s election. The American Arab and Muslim vote was closely pursued and watched in this election. AMPAC takes pride in its hard work contributing to Biden’s victory.

Last but not least, we take this opportunity to thank our donors and volunteers. AMPAC can’t make the difference it makes without the support of its donors and volunteers. 

“Democracy is not a spectator sport, it requires an engaged and involved citizenry,” said Abdallah Sheik, President of AMPAC. “We will continue to engage with all elected officials in order to protect and defend our constituents’ interests,” added Sheik. 

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