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AMPAC is looking for a Political Administrator who takes great interest in community events. A clear  knowledge of and enthusiasm for politics is essential. The right candidate should also be capable of  dealing confidently with people in important and influential positions. You will be expected to utilize  your knowledge in office administration including basic computer skills as well as being organized with  extreme attention to detail. 

Preferred Requirements: 

• Bilingual skills (Arabic & English), speaking and writing. 

• Good knowledge & understanding of the Arab/Muslim culture and traditions.

• Excellent computer skills. 

• Ability to work with the community’s groups and centers (civic, religious and official)  entities. 

• Good communications skills (interpersonal skills). 

• Passion to work with people of different backgrounds. 

• Good writings skills primarily in English language. 

• Ability to adjust to different work environments. 

• Team player and ability to work with others. 

• Possess understanding of the US political system (elections & political engagement) • Ability to work under pressure during electoral seasons. 

• Open to flexible working hours. 

• Manage, organize and effectively communicate with candidates supported by AMPAC and others. 

• Organize and facilitate working plan to empower & advance AMPAC’s mission, vision &  programs. 

• Organize and facilitate political prior, during and after each electoral cycle. • Recruitment of volunteers to engage in the political campaigns. 

• Create a professional Job-Bank and Data for future references in different public and  government posts (local, County, State & Federal). 

• Organize fundraisers efforts to help generate support AMPAC plans. 

• Organize AMPAC’s administrative affairs, records, information and keep up-to-date • Follow up on AMPAC’s Meetings internally. 

• Act on behalf of AMPAC as it may be assigned by AMPAC

Please send you resume to: if you are interested in joining our team!

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