AMPAC congratulates all winners of the 2017 general elections, urges putting the campaigns behind us

November, 8th, 2017 (Dearborn, Michigan): The American Arab & Muslim Political Action Committee (AMPAC) extends its sincere congratulations to candidates who won in the general elections this year across the US, the State of Michigan and particularly in the city of Dearborn.

AMPAC salutes all those who exerted efforts in this election season. Regardless of the differences and disagreements of the election, we believe it is time to move forward in serving the public good. AMPAC congratulates all the winners including Mayor J. O’Reilly’ of Dearborn, Mayor Mike Duggan of Detroit, Mayor Dan Paletko of Dearborn Heights and Mayor Karen Majewski of Hamtramck.  AMPAC hopes that all elected officials who won people’s confidence and vote to live up to their pledges to advance people’s interests.

AMPAC thanks all the voters who exercised their precious civic duty and voted. AMPAC appreciates the voters who voted to its endorsed candidates who won this election including, , Susan A. Dabaja, President of Dearborn’s city council, Council Member Michael T. Sareini, Councilman David Bazzi, Councilwoman Erin Byrnes, Councilwoman Leslie Herrick.

 In every election, we are reminded with the bitter fact that turnout continues to be low. Thousands of registered voters did not vote in local elections when local elections truly are elections where every vote matters. AMPAC urges all voters to spend the little time and energy needed to vote during the elections. Democracy is not a spectator vote.

AMPAC commends all of its volunteers, especially the young generation, who worked the campaigns and the polling stations. These young volunteers showcased America and its rich diversity at best. Despite the different views about the different candidates, these volunteers sustained a positive spirit and each did their part professionally respecting the voters as well as respecting the candidates they represented. AMPAC believes that these young volunteers help us sustain our confidence in the future. AMPAC invites anyone who wants to volunteer with us to do so. Please visit AMPAC website at to join and for more information.

 AMPAC commends all the candidates who ran for office, those who won and those who did not.  The highest form of political participation is running for office and it takes a lot of courage and energy to do so. We believe that most people run for office out of genuine concerns and true desire to serve and we thank them for their efforts and sacrifices. As to the winners of this election we congratulate them and remind them that voters will be holding them accountable for what they do in office come next election.

AMPAC calls upon all citizens to be future minded and focus on what is best for our country, our state and our cities. This election cycle is over. We believe it is time for all for us to work together in improving our country, our state and our cities.


Elections Day! Go out and vote!

Today is going to be a wonderful day! It will because we will be choosing our next Mayor, 7 City Council members and City Clerk.
To all the candidates, we cannot be more appreciative and impressed of the energy, hard work and dedication we all put forth to our campaign and city. To Mr. Tom Tafelski and Mayor O’Reilly, we wish you the best today and although you both have different visions for our city, you have given our city the unprecedented motivation to go out today, advocate for what they believe is right and practice their democratic right to vote and make a difference. I urge all voters to go out and vote today! You will be making history today with your votes no matter who wins!!
City Council and City Clerk candidates: all of you have been positive and ran very clean campaigns and we would be proud to have any of us represent our city because we have the right good intentions to serve our city.

Good luck to all today! To all the volunteers and supporters out there: Be warm and safe!

Keeping it positive for Dearborn!

“Building Our Future Together united engaged active community ”
Coming together is the beginning!
Working together is progress!
Staying  together is real success!

The ultimate goal!:
1- Unity of the Community !
2 – Turn Out the Vote !
3- Mobilizing! Engagement! Involving is 24/7 365!

Our endorsements!


Meet and Greet AMPAC’s endorsed Candidates

Come meet our endorsed candidates while enjoying refreshments and snacks.


Thursday, Nov 2nd 6:30 PM – Bekaa Center – 6110 Chase

Friday, Nov 3rd 6:30 PM – DCC – 3900 Schaefer مسجد السلام

Saturday, Nov 4th 6:30 PM – ICD – 14350 Tireman Ave

Sunday, Nov 5th 5:00 PM – Pelham Comm Center – 3250 Pelham


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Our endorsements for Dearborn General 2017

After lengthy and intense debate and exchange of opinions, and members speaking their mind, heart, and conscious in recognizing where our community is and where it dreams to be, AMPAC concluded that our community is in dire need of change. For the past decade, our city has endured many challenges, yet the community has stood strong and gave Dearborn all they got. The loyalty of the residents of Dearborn is seldomly matched. We are proud to say that Dearborn values family and unity, but as a family, it needs to grow and prosper. In conclusion  AMPAC believes that Dearborn needs new fresh ideas and leadership so that small business may thrive rather than be curtailed.
We have endorsed Tom Tafelski for Mayor because he will bring meaningfull change that is desperately needed. In our opinion enthusiasm and hope can only happen with drastic change and the will to take a chance and to make the tough choice.
We congratulate all of our candidates for a hard run campaign. We saw that in the primaries, and felt the passion of the candidates during our interviews, but in the end, after careful thoughts and consideration our community and the future of our children must come first.
We are also excited to announce the endorsement the following candidates for the city Council.

Susan Dabaja
Michael Sareini
Nada Al-Hanooti
Ramez Haider
David Bazzy
Erin Byres
Leslie Herrick
We also endorse for city clerk
Nofila Haider
The decision to endorse the above candidates was based on intensive assessment and evaluation and the analysis of the mayoral, city clerk, and city council candidates by the AMPAC board.
Mr. Tafelski has committed to make his administration accessible and is devoted to having senior personal in his administration that reflects the population of Dearborn.
We thank all the candidates for giving us the opportunity to sit and talk with them. We wish well those we did not endorse and we hope to work with them for many years to come. We hope the candidates we endorsed will live up to the responsibility of public service and recognize the greatness and generosity of our citizens and lead us and our children in unity, love, honesty, and hard work. Finally, we call upon all our citizens to exercise the right to vote on November the seventh. We call all of our members, friends and allies, to endorse and vote our slate and stand with us , to create a new beginning and a history to be remembered.
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Press Release: AMPAC delivers in 2017 Dearborn’s Primary

Press Release                                                                

Dearborn (August 9, 2017): The American and Arab Muslim Political Action Committee (AMPAC) would like to thank voters, volunteers and candidates throughout Michigan for engaging, showing dedication and service during Tuesday, Aug. 8, 2017, Primary Elections.


We would like to thank all of the candidates who ran in this year’s Primary, especially the candidates who reached out to the Arab-Muslim community to address our needs and concerns as we move forward in the political process.


The August Primary, which is the decision maker for general elections in Dearborn, is often neglected and consistently has low voter turnout throughout the nation. Despite the patterns of low voter turnout, volunteers still manned the polls to make the process as smooth as possible for voters. This year, there were a number of young people who volunteered at the polls showing their dedication and understanding of just how important primary elections are.


Voters will still have an opportunity to help shape our future by showing up to vote on Election Day, November 7, 2017, to ensure that the right Dearborn candidates are in place.


“Getting out to vote helps shape our tomorrow. We have worked diligently with the community to stress the importance of voting with the help of dedicated volunteers,” said AMPAC President Abdullah Shiek. “We are proud of our young people and youth as they participated in the electoral process. We would like to thank all of those who exercised their right to vote and the hundreds of volunteers from all walks of life. But it’s not over. We must now focus on November elections in hopes of embracing our future and becoming part of the decision-making process in our communities.”


AMPAC will continue its efforts to encourage people to exercise their right to vote on November 7, 2017. We will engage the community to ensure the right people are in place to help shape our future.


About the American Muslim Political Action Committee


The mission of the American and Arab Muslim Political Action Committee (AMPAC) is to stimulate an active interest in Muslim Americans relating to Political and Governmental affairs to facilitate Muslim American participation in the United States of America, to promote the ideas and principles of the Political Party, and to encourage and seek Muslim American candidates for public office and explain positions of other political candidates to Muslim American voters. AMPAC also works with the Muslim

American Communities to bring their issues to the state and national political attention.


Dr. Abdulhakim Mohamed

Executive Director


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AMPAC accepting endorsement requests

The American Muslim PAC – Michigan is accepting endorsement requests from candidates running for the 2017 Primary & General Elections.

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